We grow ideas into extraordinary interactive products.

Software solutions built with modern web and mobile technologies to deliver sustainable returns and end-user value.

Node JS

IVC is highly trained and efficient working with Node.js. This framework provides performance, concurrency, and the ability to use a single programming language for the complete stack. These features make it one of our favorite application frameworks.

Data Analytics

IVC has developed custom, integrated data analytics features to provide a seamless use experience for our customers

UX | UI Design

Through our understanding of visual design and human interaction we help our customers uncover and meet the needs and demands of their users. Our use of mobile friendly design and responsive application development ensures you are staying up-to-date with modern trends.


IVC displays expert level experience developing applications which use postgreSQL. Also provided are outsourcing services for our clients including hardware sizing, installation, performance tuning, monitoring, and support for both the database and application.

Ready for Enterprise

Enterprise Application Software (EAS) is purposefully designed for large scale enterprises where security, performance, scalability, and robustness are core requirements.

  • At IVC, we have designed, written, and managed EAS software for decades.
  • There are now more than 600 Fortune 1000 sized companies around the world who rely on these systems for core enterprise functions.
  • We are familiar with compliance standards like SOC, PCI, and HIPAA that are expected of EAS class software.

With an agile methodology, we work with Caryoil, an oil & gas distribution leader, to convert waterfall and automated processes.

Empowered Cloud Process Case Study

Customers can now order fuel deliveries from their iPhone, track progress with live GPS on trucks, and and analyse KPIs or pull reports from their dashboard.
Caryoil also ultilizes advanced workflow and backoffice integrations, and we provide predictive algorithms and visualizations.

Data Intelligence

From fast, interactive exploration to Predictive Analytics

Time Series Aggregates

Our real-time bidding ad platform scales to thousands of ad impressions per second, correlating billions of daily records by mobile device, geo location, keywords, and marketing campaigns.

Live Updating Dashboards

Rules-based chart displays let business analysts find key metrics from disparate sources.

Cloud-based Infrastructure, but centralized analytics

Analyze data from SaaS sources such as Salesforce, against call center Voip infrastructure, and orders in back office systems like Microsoft Dynamics.